Copyright (c) 1978 CBS Toys, Gabriel

This game is played on an empty 21x21 square board without the center cell:

PIECES - Each player has a collection of different pieces offboard (I couldn't find the exact numbers. If someone has the game, let me know)
Several two-stone pieces
Several three-stone pieces (3 in-a-rows)
Several four-stone pieces (4 in-a-rows)
TURN - At each turn, each player drops one of his pieces into a set of empty cells, which must be adjacent to the last dropped friendly piece.
At the beginning, each player drops one piece at opposite edges.
Each player is entitled with one exception: they may jump over one cell over an opponent piece (see example below).
GOAL - A player wins when he stalemates the opponent.

In this smaller board, White must play his 3rd turn (the marked stones represent the second turn).


Continuing the previous example, Black would be surrounded if he was not able to jump (from g6 to g4). However, each player can only jump once and now White wins by dropping d3-g3. Black is in a dead-end and cannot jump anymore!

The original game may be played by 2-4 players, and to speed up game play, the designers have a button connected to a timer in the middle of the board (that has 9-volt battery is connected to). After a certain number of seconds, an alarm sounds and then the player must pay a penalty of losing 2 two-square pieces. The timer can be set to go either quickly and slowly.