Copyright (c) 2004 Karl Scherer

This game is played on the following 10x10 square board:

PIVOT MOVE - It consists of rotating a (orthogonal or diagonal) line of consecutive stones by a multiple of 45 degrees. The pivot (turning point) is the first stone of that line of stones.
An isolated coin cannot move.
If some stones of the rotating line land on enemy stones, these are captured (i.e., capture by replacement).
The turning stones may pass over stones of either color, but they cannot land over friendly stones.
TURNS - At each turn, each player must do make a pivot movement with his stones.
GOAL - A player wins by stalemating the adversary.
An example

Black's turn. Black can choose the marked stone has the pivot, and move the four stones from there until the green dot (i.e., the line of stones will land at a9,b9,c9,d9). Notice that the black stone at h9 was not part of the rotating line.

White cannot avoid Black capturing one of the two stones on the next turn, thus losing by stalemate. 

Another example

The pivot and the rotating line of stones can be a subset of an entire line of stones of the same color. 

There is a ZRF to play Squaredance with Zillions. A related move concept can be found at Twirls of Action.