Copyright (c) 2001 John Pursey & Matt Ryan

This game is played on a 7x7 board with the following setup:

ORB - Orbs move may slide (i.e., no jumping) to any orthogonal direction.
An Orb supplies magic to a Spark, if they are both on the same row or column (enemy pieces in between are indifferent)
The move range of an Orb is equal to the number of Sparks it is supplying magic to. 
If your Orb does not charge any Spark, it may not be moved.
An Orb may not be moved to an intersection if doing so would complete a wall of Orbs dividing the playing field.
Orb do not capture or cannot be captured.
SPARK - Sparks move to adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) cells. 
A Spark may capture an opponent's Spark by moving onto the same
To make the capture, the Spark's magical power must be equal to or higher than that of the opposing Spark (i.e. it must be powered by an equal or larger number of Orbs after it lands on the new cell)
If a Spark is not powered by any of its Orbs, it cannot move.
GOAL - A player looses if all its sparks are captured or he does not have any valid move.

An example

Blue was able to siege the bottom left green Spark. If the blue Spark moves a3-a2, the green spark at a1 cannot capture it - it would have no Orb supporting it, while a2 has one Orb. But to capture a1, Blue must first slide Orb c3 to a3.

A Sparking Fork

Green is loosing. However, he can recover by making a fork at cell [1] with Spark f3. He can capture both Sparks, and none of them can capture it.

There is a ZRF to play Spark with Zillions.