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This game is played on the following 8x8 square board:

Each player starts with 11 stones off-board.

ENTRY CELLS - The dotted cells in the diagram above.
MARKER CELLS - The corner cells in the diagram. Each player owns two of them, in opposite corners.
TURNS - At each turn, each player must do one of the following things:
Drop a friendly stone (if there are any off-board) into an empty entry cell.
Move a friendly stone into an orthogonal adjacent empty cell.
A stone may also orthogonally jump over a stone (of either color) landing on the immediate empty cell (there are no captures). Jumps can be multiple and are not mandatory.
If all entry cells are occupied, the player must move a stone.
Stones may move to any empty cell, including entry cells and any marker cell.
FIVE IN-A-ROW - When the first 5 in-a-row is achieved and If one of his marker cells are empty, then the player may remove those five stones, drop one of them into that empty marker cell (and that stone may never move) and place the remaining four stones in his reserve off board.
GOAL - Wins the player that achieves a second 5 in-a-row.
Just one friendly stone may be part of both 5 in-a-rows.
An example

Whoever starts, Red already won the game. Green needs two turns to make the 2nd 5 in-a-row with the green marked stone (no diagonal moves) and Red only needs one turn (move the red marked cell to f7) .