Copyright (c) 2002 Joćo Pedro Neto

This game is played on a 9x9 square board with the following setup:

SOLDIER - The soldier may:
Move to an orthogonal adjacent empty cell, but not backwards.
Capture a diagonal adjacent enemy soldier. Captures are mandatory.
Jump over an (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent soldier (of either color), landing on the immediate next empty cell. 
Jumps cannot be backwards, may be multiple and do not capture.
If a soldier is on the middle row, it may move/capture twice in the same turn.
KING - The King may:
Move like the soldier..
Swap its position with a friendly soldier within moving range. Swaps may be multiple.
Kings cannot capture or be captured.
If two soldiers are placed on opposite (orthogonal or diagonal) sides of the enemy King, the King is placed on its initial cell (and any piece there is removed from board) and a new friendly soldier is dropped where the King was sandwiched.
GOAL - A player wins if he places its King on the last row, or capture all enemy soldiers.
An example

Green's turn. He jumps with its a5 soldier to [1] and then to [2]. He sandwiches the black King, moving it to cell e1, and dropping a new green soldier at d4. Then, the moved soldier must move again, since it started its move on the middle row and there is an available capture: the black soldier at d2.