Copyright (c) 2003 Ingo Althofer, Eiko Bleicher

This game is played on the following 6x7 square board:

TURNS - At each turn, each player must move one of his stones
A stone moves (orthogonal and diagonal) forward to an empty cell.
A stone can also capture an enemy stone moving sideways.
GOAL - A player loses if he cannot move.
An example

Black's turn. If he moves the marked stone into [1], White has lost the game, since the next four moves (over the third row) will give stones for Black lateral captures.

There is a mirror winning strategy to the 2nd player. The introduction of a PIE rule (one player makes 3 or 5 moves, the other choose sides) should solve this problem. There is a ZRF to play SideKicker with Zillions.