Copyright (c) 1973 Kontrell Industries

Shift is played on a 8x6 square board with the following setup (I'm not sure about this setup)

HOME ROW - Each player first row (the marked red dots for Red, and the marked green dots for Green).
EQUALIZER - The second player removes a white neutral stone before the game starts.
SHIFT - On each turn, each player must perform 6 shifts.
A shift, like in some known puzzles, moves N stones (of either color) on the same row or column towards the empty cell.
A shift cannot move white stones into any home row.
KO - The player cannot undo the last 6 adversary shifts.
GOAL - Wins the player to be the first to shift his stones to his home row.
An opening example

Let's assume d4 as that the removed white stone. Green first turn could be: d2-d4 (meaning d2-d3 to d4), a1-a4, a7-a1, d7-a7, d2-d7 and e2-d2 producing the left board position.

I wish to thank Chris Sjoholm for information about Shift.