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This game is played on a 4x4 square board. Each player starts with 3 basic stones and one wild stone off board.

SETUP - Each player alternatively places his 4 stones in his first row.
MOVE - On each turn, each player moves one of his stones to an (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent empty cell (no jumps, no captures).
GOAL - Wins the player that makes one of the following patterns (the opponent's wild stone can also be used in these winning patterns):
An orthogonal or diagonal 4 in-a-row (except the initial position).
Occupy the 4 center cells.
Occupy the 4 corner cells.
An example

Black's turn. He wins by moving b4-c3. The only Green option would be to stop the Black wild stone by moving d2-d3, but by moving there it will give a winning 4 in-a-row to Black.

Thanks to Herb Levy for providing Serauqs' rules information.