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This game is played on the following board(s):

DROP - On each turn, each player must do one of the following actions:
Move a friendly stone to an (orthogonally) adjacent empty cell.
The edges between the 2x2 areas are adjacent.
Slide any 2x2 square to the adjacent empty area (the initial empty area is in the middle).
GOAL - Wins the player with friendly stones in all the eight 2x2 areas.
A slide example 

Any player can slide any 2x2 area into the empty area. In this example, the first player moved the upper middle area into the center.

Moving Pieces

Stones may move to adjacent empty cells, even to adjacent 2x2 areas, like the marked blue stone.

A winning pattern

In this position, Red won the game since every 2x2 area has a red stone.