Copyright (c) 2004 Erno Rubik

Rubik Eclipse (or Rubik Morpion) is played on an empty 4x4 board:

Each player has 16 stones: 8 white and 8 yellow for the Light player, and 8 blue and 8 green for the Dark player.

  • DROP PHASE - Initially, each player drops a friendly stone on an empty cell.
  • MOVE PHASE - After the board is full, each player must do the following sequence:
    • Move a line or column of stones by one cell (i.e., up, down, left or right), pushing the edge stone off board.
    • Drop a friendly stone (of either color) on the new empty cell.
  • GOAL - Wins the player that makes a (orthogonal or diagonal) 4 in-a-row with one of his colors.
An example

Light's turn. He can win by pushing the 'b' column downwards since a white 4 in-a-row is formed.