Copyright (c) 2000 Robert A. Kraus

This game is played on an empty 8x8 square board:

Each player starts with 13 stones (Atoms) off board. There are also 4 neutral stones (Neutrons).

SETUP - Each player alternates and drops the 4 Neutrons on any empty cells (each player places two of them). Then, each player alternates and drops all 13 Atoms they have off board.
TURN - On each turn, each the player must slide one of the Neutrons on any (orthogonal or diagonal) direction, until it meets the board edge or any piece.
Then, all Atoms of either color which are (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent to it are removed. 
Neutrons are never destroyed. 
KO - A player cannot move the last moved Neutron. 
GOAL - A player wins when the opponent's stones are all captured. 
If all remaining Atoms are captured at the same move, the game is a draw.
If a player has Atoms left but has no legal moves he is stalemated and it counts as a draw.
An example

White's turn. He slides the Neutron at g3 to cell [1] capturing g1. Then Black slides e4 to cell [2]. White replies by moving c6 to cell [3] capturing e7. Now Black moves h2 to f2 capturing all the other Atoms are draws the game!

There is a ZRF to play Reactor with Zillions. In the original game, the game setup is produced by a random generator.