QUEAH's Game 

Traditional - Queah Tribe - Liberia

This game can be played on a 5x5 board. Each player also has 6 stones off-board.

TURN - On each turn, each player may:
Move one stone to a diagonal adjacent empty cell.
Jump (diagonally) over an enemy stone landing on the immediate empty cell. The jumped stone is captured and the other player must drop an off-board stone (if any) on an empty cell (in fact, he can only drop on cells diagonally connected to those were the other stones are - so in a checkered board, the players only use the squares of the same color).
GOAL - A player wins by capturing all enemy stones.

There's a website with information about the game (in Dutch). I wish to thank Hans Bodlaender for translating the rules. This is a reconstruction of a game described by Murray in his A history of board games other than chess played by the Queah in Liberia.