Copyright (c) 2001 Keith Carter 

The game is played on a 7x7 board, with the following setup:

  • MOVES - A move consists of either:
    • A growth, i.e., a drop of a stone on an empty adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell;
    • An orthogonal or diagonal slide of a stone already on board (like a chess Queen) to an empty cell;
    • A drop of a stone on any empty cell.
    • Any opponents adjacent stones to the new piece (either through growth or slide) are flipped to the moving player's color. Notice that the third option (simple drop) do not flip the color of adjacent stones.
  • GOAL - Wins the player with most stones when the board is filled.
An example

Blue's move. The 3 upper right empty cells cannot be occupied by Red, and all surroundings blue stones are safe. Blue grows to cell [1] and wins. Red can only reply into cell [2] and then blue's growth to b2, the game does not have any growth or slide left. 

This game is based on Ataxx concepts. Carter also created another variant called Blobs, where the slide is replaced by the Ataxx jump, but the drop option still exists.