Copyright (c) 1974 Invicta Plastics Ltd

This game is played on a 7x7 square board with the following setup:

TURN - On the first turn, the first player picks any stone.
After that, the next player must remove any stone that is adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) to the last picked stone.
GOAL -The game ends where all white or black stones are picked, winning the respective player, or when there are no moves available, in this case, wins the player with more of his own stones picked (if the numbers are equal, the game is a draw)

An example

White picked the Black stone at cell [1] and wins the game. Since each player has 2 stones, White cut all paths to the remaining Black stones, leaving one last white stone to capture, to win 3-2.

Try to play this game with this JavaScript player (made by Jean-Pierre Queille) called JS Press-Ups..

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 JS Press Ups is a JavaScript implementation with pure didactic purposes of the game Press Ups of Invicta Plastics Limited, Leicester, England. , , 1974. All rights reserved. JS Press Ups 1998-2000 JPQ Software.