Copyright (c) 1975 Alex Randolph

The game is played on the following board:

A Dog (the soldier) moves any number of empty cells orthogonally or diagonally (like a Queen in Chess). It can only immobilize a Bull by stopping it. It cannot capture. It cannot move into the first and last row.
A Redskin (the King) can move to any adjacent square (like a King in Chess), but it cannot move into the first and last row. He takes a Bull by coming on its case (as a take in Chess).
BULLS - A Bull moves one empty forward cell.
A Bull cannot capture enemy pieces.
The Bulls play first.
GOAL - For the Hunter, take or immobilize all Bulls. For the Bulls, get a Bull down on the first rank.

An example

The Bulls already won. The Redskin is too much distant, and the 3 dogs are not able to stop the 4 bulls.

There is a ZRF to play Prairie with Zillions. More information can be found at Funagain (check this picture)