Copyright (c) 1977 László Nagy

The game is played on the following board with this setup:

TURN - On each turn, each player push the whole row or column of stones in which his stones outnumber the opponent stones.

A push is not valid if it pushes a stone off the board.

GOAL - Wins the player that surrounds (orthogonally) the red stone with four of his stones.

Some notes found the ZRF file: The more opposing balls you can drive out to the edge of the board (into a passive position) the less rows will there be where your opponent’s balls outnumber yours 

An example

If Black shifts down the e column, White can win in 2 turns. He shifts down column d. Then Black can only shifts up column e, which the reply left shift of row 5 gives a win to White.

The author was impressed by the Rubik’s Cube at the time and looked for a playable competition goal for the collective movement of balls (virtually for rotation around field points or the shifting of rows). There's a ZRF to play PikkPakk.