Copyright (c) 2001 L. Lynn Smith

The game is played on an empty 8x8 board:

PHOTON - On each turn, each player introduces a Photon by one edge of the board. 
The Photon then fires across the board (getting away from the edge) until it either encounters the opposite edge of the board or another Photon of either color. 
When it stops, the photon changes colors from all the orthogonal adjacent enemy Photons and all that are directly adjacent in an orthogonal line (every line must start by one of those enemy adjacent Photons).
In order to fire a Photon on the board in a certain direction, there must be at least one empty cell..
GOAL - Wins the player with more stones at endgame.

An example

If a Blue stone is fired north from cell d1, it will stop at cell [1], and change c8 to blue. Since there is also a line of red stones starting at c8, all of those are changed to blue.

There is a ZRF to play Photonic Attack with Zillions.