Copyright (c) 2003 Bob Harris

Paddachee is a family of games, where the parameters (including the playing field) are defined in the setup.

  • SETUP - Players decide which board they will use, what is the local pattern (or patterns), how many points are required to achieve victory and who starts.
  • TURNS - At each turn, each player drops a friendly stone on an empty cell.
    • For each new pattern achieved with that drop, the player gains one point (a player may earn several points per turn).
  • GOAL - Wins the player that first achieve the agreed number of points.

Some possible patterns include (i) Squares&Lines (just orthogonal); (ii) F pentomino; (iii) 4 in-a-row; (iv) "Mickey and Minnie":

An example

Considering a "Squares&Lines" pattern, if Black plays at [1] he will get 2 points. If White plays at [2] he will also get 2 points.