Copyright (c) 1983 Jim Winslow, Crisloid Publ.

Over the edge is played on this hexagonal board with 7 stones for each player.

GROUP - Two or more adjacent stones of the same color.
CONNECTED STONE - Any stone in a group
ISOLATED STONE - Any stone not in a group
ATARI - A stone is on Atari if it is adjacent to an enemy group.
THE EDGE - The four cells on the top row.
MOVES - On each turn, each play can:
Move a friendly connected stone on any direction to an adjacent empty cell (there is no jumping).
The player cannot his isolated stones.
Move an enemy stone at Atari to an empty adjacent cell, if it becomes isolated.
If an enemy stone at Atari is at the Edge; the player may move it out of the board, capturing it.
GOAL - Wins the player that either:
Capture 3 enemy stones.
Is able to place all enemy stone on the edge and/or isolate them.

An example

Each player has one isolated stone (the marked ones). The marked black stone can be captured if it's White's turn. If it Black's turn, he cannot move the white marked stone over the edge because it would not be isolated.

I wish to thank Peter Schell for his valuable information about the game rules.