Copyright (c) 2002 Walter Joris

This game is played at a 10x10 square board.

SETUP - Each player places a friendly stone at an empty cell.
MOVE - On each turn, a player may do one of the following actions:
Pass his turn.
Drop an operator (which is a neutral piece) on an empty cell.
Jumping with a friendly stone over one (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent operator landing on the immediate next cell (which must be empty). After the jump, the original cell is occupied by a friendly stone (so, on each jump, a player gets an extra stone).
Jumps may be multiple (i.e., the jumping stone may continue jumping while possible).
Jumps may be executed over a connected line of operators.
Jumps are not mandatory.
GOAL - When there are no valid moves or both players pass, wins the player with more friendly stones.
An example

The black stone may jump to cell [1] and then to [2]. Doing so, there will be three black stones after the jump sequence (namely at [1], [2] and the black stone's original cell).

In this position, White cannot make any jump, so he must drop an operator. 

This game can be player with just pencil and paper. It is presented at 100 Strategic Games for Pen and Paper by Walter Joris.