Copyright (c) 1997 Remco de Korte

No Row is played on an empty 11x11 board:

  • SETUP - One player drops one yellow and one blue stone (called the movers). The other player chooses color and who starts.
  • TURN - On each turn, a player may do one of the following actions:
    • Move his friendly mover to an (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent empty cell.
    • Drop a stone on an empty cell, provided that (a) there are no adjacent stones and (b) there are no more than two stones at the same row, column or diagonal.
      • Yellow mover drops white stones, blue mover drops black stones.
  • GOAL - When no more drops are possible, wins the player with more friendly stones.
    • If the number of stones is equal, the game is a draw.
An example

Here is a possible board configuration. The green dots show where is still possible to drop stones.

White is in a better position. If he drops a stone at b11 there will be no more possible cells to drop, and he will win the game by 9-8.