Copyright (c) 2001 Jan Kristian Haugland

The game starts on a 5x5 square board with the following setups:

MOVE - Black plays first. Each player moves one of his stones horizontally, vertically or diagonally, as far as it can in that direction without leaving the board or entering/jumping over an occupied cell.
GOAL - A player wins when he makes a 3 in-a-row, orthogonal or diagonal.

An example

If Black starts with C4-C3, White plays D5-D2 and wins. Black can not stop the double threat B5-B2 and B5-E2. One wrong move can often be fatal.

Some words from the author: The rules are fairly similar to those of Dao, but the two games are very different in terms of, for instance, the amount of neutral positions, and the existence of positions with a forced win hidden many moves ahead. Neutreeko was originally based on Neutron and Teeko (hence the name).

There is a ZRF to play Neutreeko with Zillions. To learn more about Neutreeko, check Jan's website.