Copyright (c) 2002 M. El M. Messaoudi

MuchADo is played on a 4x4 hexagonal board with the following setup (and 4 stones off board):

TURN - On each turn, each player must move one friendly piece:
A soldier may:
Move forward to an empty cell.
Push a friendly piece one step forward or sideways to an empty cell.
Push an opponent soldier one step forward or sideways, provided there is a
friendly pieces just beyond the latter (the threesome moves together)
Switch places with an opponent soldier (forward or sideways) provided that it is not on its starting position.
Capture by jump (see below).
A King may:
Slide forward or backward (not sideways) thru any number of empty cells.
Capture by jump (see below).
PROMOTION - When a soldier moves to a cell at the last row, the player removes one stone from the reserve off board, and the soldier is promoted to a King.
In the last row, a soldier may move sideways to an empty cell (if the player does not have stones off board, the soldier cannot be promoted).
CAPTURE - A soldier can also jump (forward or sideways) over an opponent piece landing on the immediate next cell provided it is empty. Captures are mandatory and max-multiple (i.e., the soldier must capture the as many pieces as possible). 
Kings capture as soldiers, but they can also make long jumps, i.e., the jumped stone must not be adjacent (but the King, after the jump, lands on the immediate cell which must be empty). Kings can also capture backwards.
A captured piece is not removed from board. A soldier swaps color, a King is demoted to a soldier.
When a King is captured, the player gets an extra stone to his reserve off board.
GOAL - A player wins by stalemating the adversary. 
Also a player loses if he repeats a board position three times.

The number of different move options of the soldier comparing with the King means that the difference between them is not so great comparing to some regional Checkers variants.

An example

White's turn. Despite the great numeric disadvantage, White can try to balance things by swapping the white marked stone with the black marked stone. Then Black must capture two white stones with stone f4 landing on cell [1].

Then the White King (the yellow stone) makes a jump sequence capturing 7 stones (remember that stones just change color, they are not removed from the board). Can you find that sequence?

There is a ZRF to play MuchADo with Zillions.