Copyright(c) R. Schmittberger

Modern Ming Mang is a two player game played on a 17x17 square board, with the following setup:

MOVE - A player chooses a stone and slides it along an orthogonal line by a number of empty cells (just like the chess rook movement).
CAPTURE - A stone or set of stones are captured if they are trapped between two enemy stones along a straight row or column (i.e., custodian capture). 
Any captured stone is removed and replaced by stones of the other color.
A stone may move between two opponent stones on a straight line without being captured.
Stones on the corner cannot be captured.
KO - A player cannot make a move that repeats a previous position.
SECURITY - An area (i.e., a set of cells) is secured if there is no way for the opponent to capture any part of it.
PASS - A player may pass his turn. If both players pass, the game ends (all areas become secured).
GOAL - A player wins if he secures an area larger than half the board (empty cells plus cells with his own stones).
If there are some cells not secured by no player, these are not counted as part of the total board area.

Modern Ming Mang is a variant of Ming Mang.