Copyright (c) 1978 Gilbert Obermair, Spear-Waldi Publ.

Mini-Push is played on a 5x5 board with the following setup:

MOVE - There are 26 stones, that means that there is always one stone off-board. The player which has that color, inserts it in a column/row, shifting that column/row and pushing out the stone at the other edge. Then the cycle restarts (so, a player may move several times in once).
GOAL - A player wins (looses) if he gets one of the following patterns
A 3x3 square of stones of his (the opposite) color;
A 2x4 rectangle of stones of his (the opposite) color.

An example

There is one white stone off-board, so it's White's turn. He has a winning position with the following move set: row 1 right, column a up and column b up making a 3x3 winning square.