Copyright (c) Christian Freeling

The game starts at an empty 10x10 hexagonal board:

MOVE - A player, at each turn, has the following options:
Drop a stone on an empty cell;
Move one or more of his groups (a group is a set of connected stones);
Drop a stone and then move one or more groups;
GROUP MOVEMENT - Moving a group, is to select one stone of the group, move it on a straight line over any friendly stones, and place it on the next empty cell.
Even if a player may move more than one group, each group can only be moved once at each turn.
Groups may split and join. If a group joins another group, the latter looses its right to movement.
CAPTURE - A stone that looses its liberties (same as in Go), is replaced by a stone of the other color.
Stones captured by dropping can move on the same turn;
Stones captured by moving cannot move on the same turn.
Suicide drops are allowed.
ROSETTE - A ring of six connected stones around a gray hex is called a rosette. This structure is uncapturable.
GOAL - Wins the player with more points. Points are rewarded to:
One point for each stone;
One point for each surrounded cell.

An example

Black structure is safe. White cannot drop a stone at cell a6, since it is captured and turns black, creating a rosette. And he cannot move c4 to a2, and then drops at a6, since dropping must precede movement.