Copyright (c) 1994? Laymen Allen

Meditation is played on a 7x7 board, with the following setup:

FIRST DROP - The first player drops a stone onto a cell adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) to the central cell. 
OTHER DROPS - All other drops must be on an adjacent cell (orthogonal or diagonal) of the last dropped stone. That cell can be empty or occupied by one of the original setup stones. In the latter case, that stone is captured (and replaced by the newly dropped stone).
GOAL  - The game ends, when all stones of one of the colors are captured or there is no legal move left. Wins the player with more captured stones of his own color.

As I present this game, things may tend to become a bit confusing, when setup stones are replaced by dropped stones it is possible to use small pieces of paper to differentiate setup stones from dropped ones). The original game uses a board with colored squares on the same positions presented on the initial setup. 

More information about the game and other Allen's inventions, check here.