Copyright (c) 2002 Thiago Migoto

Louis XVI is played on this hexagonal star board (if you remove the blocked cells) with the following setup:

One player is the People (the red stones) and another player is the Aristocracy (with some blue soldiers and one green King). The People starts the game.

TURN - On each turn each player can do one of the following actions:
MOVE - move a stone to an adjacent empty cell.
Only the King can move to one of the star point cells (the blue cells).
CAPTURE - jump over an enemy stone into the immediate empty cell. Captures are mandatory nor multiple.
GOAL - The People wins by capturing the King. The Aristocracy wins by moving his king into one the star point cells.

An example

While advancing one marked soldier, the player threatens a capture at [1]. The People must answer by capturing it by jumping to [2]. This initiates a set of mutual captures.