Copyright (c) 2001 Jonathan A. Leistiko

This game is played on an 8x8 square board, with the following setup:

KING DROP - Each player swaps one of his soldiers with a King.
MOVE - All pieces move like checkers stones, i.e., move to an adjacent diagonal forward empty cell.
Soldiers cannot move to the last row.
CAPTURE - All pieces may  jump (and capture) an opponent enemy stone (landing on the immediate and opposite empty cell). 
Captures are mandatory 
Captures can be multiple (maximum capture is not mandatory).
SWAP - Instead of moving, the King may swap positions with an adjacent friendly soldier. 
Swaps may be multiple.
Capture take precedence over swapping.
After the swaps, the board position must be different that it was at the beginning.
GOAL - Wins the player that moves his King into the last row. 
If both Kings are captured, the game is a tie.
An example

Black moves g5 to cell [1]. Green must capture g2:e4. Then Black must capture f5:d3 and d1:f3. Then Black swaps b3 > c4 > d3 and has a winning path for his Black King.

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