Copyright (c) 2002 Walter Joris

This game is played on a 6x6 board:

  • SETUP - One player drops four white and four black stones on empty cells. The other player chooses color and goes second. The first player marks an empty cell.
  • TURN - On each turn, each player marks a cell (orthogonally or diagonally) adjacent to the last marked cell.
    • If the cell is occupied by a stone (of either color) the current player captures it.
  • GOAL - When there is no valid move, the player which captured more friendly stones wins the game (if both players have an equal number of friendly stones captured, the game is a tie).
An initial example

One player dropped the eight stones on board. Then the other player chose Black. White started by marking an empty cell (in the diagram, the red stone).

Now Black must mark an adjacent cell and so on...

This game can be player with just pencil and paper. It is presented at 100 Strategic Games for Pen and Paper by Walter Joris.