Copyright (c) ? G. Lewthwaite

This game is played on a 5x5 square board, with the following setup:

TURNS - At each turn, each player slides (vertically or horizontally) a stone into the only empty cell.
GOAL - Wins the player who made the last move.

An example

It's Black turn. Black should move a3-a4, White must reply a2-a3, then a1-a2, b1-a1, c1-b1, d1-c1 and e1-d1. White is stalemated and looses.

In Winning Ways, the authors present the argument of Domino Pairing that provides the second player with a perfect strategy to win this game (check chapter 22, volume II). They also propose a rule change: a player may be able to slide a row or column or stones, provided that both end with stones of his color. Which does not change the winning strategy of the 2nd player.

Perhaps a switch rule (a stone can swap with an enemy stone, providing that the former is adjacent to the empty cell) and a super Ko rule (the board cannot repeat a previous position), would change the fate of this game.

There is a ZRF to play Lewthwaite's game with Zillions.