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Described by Jeff Zeitlin

This game is played on the following 4x4 square board:

MOVE - On each turn, each player move one of his stones to an adjacent (orthogonal) empty cell
There are no captures. 
No stone may be moved on two consecutive turns. 
Each player's corner squares (i.e., A1 and D4) may also be entered/exited with a diagonal move (these are the only diagonal moves permitted).
GOAL - Wins the player that first:
Occupies the opponent's corner cell.
Occupies any two of the opponent's starting spaces.
Stalemates the opponent (i.e., leaves him no legal move).
An example

Black's turn. The move b2-b1 leaves White with three possible moves (i) c1-d1, then b1-c1, c2-d2, c3-c2 and Black wins, (ii) d2-d1, then d3-d2 and wins next turn, or (iii) c2-b2, then c3-c2, White now is forced to move into his own corner (or else c2-d1) and then Black also wins in the next turn.