Copyright (c) 1937 Elizabeth Magie Phillips, Parker Bros

This game is played on the following board:

Field Squares - the central 7x7 area.
Corridors - The four rows of 7 cells adjacent to the field squares.
Lodges - The four rows of 7 cells where the stones start. Each lodge has a color equal to the initial stone at the setup.
TURNS - At each turn, each player moves a friendly stone. A stone have different ways to move depending on what cell it is over:
On a Lodge/Corridor - move orthogonally to an empty cell towards the field squares, or jump over an enemy stone also towards the field squares. 
On a Field Square - move orthogonally to an empty cell within the Field Squares, or jump over an enemy stone also within the Field Squares.
JUMP - A stone may jump over (orthogonally or diagonally) an enemy stone, landing on the immediate next empty cell, if after the jump the stone makes at least one 3 (or more) in-a-row of friendly stones.
The jumped stone is placed on one empty Lodge (of the opponent's color).
The stones in the middle of the friendly in-a-row(s) (there may be multiple in-a-rows), may be removed from the game (the player cannot remove the stones in the extremes).
After every jump or capture a player has another move.
GOAL - A player wins if he has less than three stones.
An example

Red's turn. The stone at g6 jumps over green's g7 landing on [1]. The jump is valid because there are at least on in-a-row made (in fact, there are a 3 in-a-row and a 4 in-a-row).

All red stones not belonging to the extremes of any red in-a-row (the two marked stones) can be removed from board.

Also, the jumped green stone must restart at a green lodge.