Copyright (c) 2003 Ingo Althofer and Peter Stahlhacke

This game is played on the following 5x5 board. You should rotate the board 45 left.

RUNNERS - A runner (the King in the diagram) slide any number of empty cells vertically or diagonally forward.
SIDEKICKERS - A sidekicker (the soldier in the diagram) move to a (diagonally forward) adjacent empty cell.
It can also capture enemy pieces by moving sideways.
TURN - On each turn, each player moves one of his pieces.
GOAL - Wins the player that (i) move a Runner into the opposite corner cell, or (ii) stalemate the adversary.
An example

Green's turn. He moves the runner at d4 to [1]. Now Black must choose between some bad moves:

He cannot move a1, since that would give an immediate victory to Green. If he moves b3-c2 or a4-a5, Green can capture the moved piece. The other two pieces cannot move.

There is a ZRF to play Kick & Run with Zillions.