Copyright (c) 2002 Joćo Pedro Neto

This game is played on a 10x10 square board with the following setup:

SOLDIER - The soldier may move to an adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell.
KHAN - The Khan may do one of the following things: 
Move like a soldier;
Jump an adjacent piece (of either color) landing on the immediate empty cell. Jumps are multiple, not mandatory, and do not capture any jumped piece.
However, other pieces might be captured by custodian after the jump (see next point).
Captures a enemy piece by custodian with another friendly Khan (i.e., custodian capture requires the two Khans to be adjacent to the captured piece on opposite sides, along a straight orthogonal or diagonal line).
Push a friendly phalanx  (i.e., a straight line of connected soldiers) one cell in an orthogonal or diagonal direction. If on the next cell after the phalanx there is an enemy piece, it is captured.
Support a friendly adjacent soldier, moving it to another adjacent empty cell. Supports are multiple for that supported soldier, i.e., another Khan may support that soldier again (which is not mandatory).
GOAL - A player wins if he:
Places a soldier on the last row, or
Capture all enemy soldiers.

Some captures

The Khan at d5 can push south the soldiers d3 and d4 to capture the green soldier at d2. Also the f5 can push d3 southwest to capture the green Khan at c2.

Green can capture by custodian the Khan at d5, by moving his Khan from d7 to e6.

Also, the Khan at c2 can jump the soldier at b2 to a2 and capture the soldier at b3.

Some jumps and supports

Black can win this game win one move, by supporting h7 with his 3 Khans. For e.g., h7-h5, using Khan at g6, then h5-g3, using Khan g4, then g3-i1, with Khan h2.

Green Khan at f3 can jump f3-h5-f7-d7-d9. And if the soldier at h7 wasn't there, Green would won the game on the next move, by supporting his soldier at a6 to the last row.

There is a ZRF to play Khan with Zillions.