Copyright (c) 2002 Markus Salo

This game is played on a 5x5 square board, with the following setup:

TURNS - At each turn, each player move his King to an (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent empty cell.
After the move, the player must also do one of the following things:
Drop a soldier on an empty cell
Capture an enemy soldier by jumping over it and landing on the immediate empty cell. Captures are not mandatory, but if made, they must capture the greater number of enemy soldiers. Soldiers cannot jump over Kings.
If the King is unable to move, the turn can still be made by capturing an enemy soldier with a friendly one.
GOAL - The last player to move wins the game.

An example

Green's move. Green was able to trap the enemy King, he moves Kc4-b4 and drops a soldier at b2. Black does not have any valid King move, but can still capture c2:c4. Green wins one next turn with e.g., Kb4-c3, a5

There is a ZRF to play Karaman with Zillions. This game is based on Isola.