Copyright (c) 1985 Milton Bradley

This game is played on the following 8x8 square board:

TURNS - At each turn, each player must move one of his stones (called Kangaroos):
A stone must jump over one (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent stone landing on the immediate next empty cell.
If the jumped enemy stones are captured and removed from the board.
Jumps can be multiple but are not mandatory.
GOAL - The game ends when one player cannot move. The winner is the one with more stones.

Single stones cannot move, so when one player have only isolated stones (or no stones at all), the game ends.

An example

Blacks turn. If he moves e7 to capture f6, the game ends (white is stalemated) in a draw (five stones for each player). However, if e7 capture f7, then f6 and d6, Black wins (five black stones against three white stones).

Another winning move would be a6-c6:e6:g6:e8, capturing three white stones.

Perhaps a variant where the maximum captures are mandatory provides more planning and tactical depth.