Copyright (c) 1987 Jim McAuley

The game starts at a 7x5 square board with the following setup:

JACK - The Jack can only be moved by jumping over any other stones on the board
It can jump over one or more stones in a straight line (orthogonal or diagonal), and can continue to jump, if possible (but it's not mandatory).
SOLDIERS -They can move one cell in any direction or they can jump as the Jack.
Soldiers cannot jump over the Jack.
1st ROWS - Each player is allowed to have one soldier at his first row, and cannot move any stone to the opponent's 1st row.
MOVE - At each turn, each player can do just one of the following:
Move a soldier one cell;
Jump with one soldier;
Jump with the Jack.
GOAL - Wins the plays who gets the Jack to the opponent's first row.
An example

Red can win in one move by jumping the Jack in the following way: c2-a2-c4-c7.

Some words from the author: The game Jump Jack was invented by myself in the year 1987, it was based on a sporting theme the jack representing the ball and the pieces are the two opposing teams. I live in the town of Larne - Northern Ireland. The game is mostly played locally. My web page is www.geocities.com/mcauleyjim2000.