Copyright (c) 2001 Chris Huntoon

This game is played on a 7x7 square board with the following setup:

MOVE - Stones may move to an adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell.
CAPTURE - Stones capture by jumping over an enemy stone and landing in the immediate opposite empty cell.
Captures are mandatory.
Captures are multiple and the player must choose the jumping sequence that captures more enemy stones.
GOAL - A player wins when it captures all enemy stones, or when he moves his last remaining stone to the center cell.
An example

Green's move. Despite he has one less stone, he wins by sacrificing all stones but one: 1. f2-f3, f4:f2; 2. b3-b4, c5:a3; 3. c3-b2, a3:c1; 4. d3-d4 and wins!

There is a ZRF to play Jumping Beans with Zillions.