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This game is played on a 6x6 square board with the following setup (each player also has one extra King offboard):

TURNS - At each turn, each player inserts the piece offboard onto the playing field so that a piece is pushed out on the opposite side. Players take turns inserting pieces onto the playing field that have been pushed out in previous turns.
I. Each player may slide out and invert soldiers to Kings.
II. If he is unable to do I, he slides out and invert enemy soldiers to enemy Kings.
III. If is unable to do I and II, he may slide out his own Kings, however Kings are not inverted again. 
IV. A player may NOT slide an opponent’s King out of the playing field.
GOAL - A player who has only Kings is the winner.
Three times the same move by both players, the game is a draw

Some notes found on the net: Moves according to rule I change the number and strategic position of the player’s own Kings. Moves according to rule II change the number of the opponent’s Kings and their strategic position. Such moves are recommended, if the improvement of the strategic position is very important, i.e. it is better to help the opponent in the short term (creating enemy Kings) in exchange for setting one’s own pieces into a more favorable position for future moves. Moves according to rule III change only the strategic position of the pieces. After this type of move just as many pieces are inverted as beforehand, however, the positions of the tiles on the playing field have changed. An opponent’s King at the edge of the playing field "locks" a row. This King may not be moved out. If an opponent’s inverted King is also positioned at the other end of the same row, then this row is fixed and can not be moved by a player.

An example

Black started by inserting his offboard King into the left side of the top row. The green soldier was pushed out and inverted to King.