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This game is played on the following 5x3 square board:

  • TURN - On each turn, each player must make three moves:
    • 1) Move a friendly stone his enemy selected
      • If this stone cannot be moved, it is removed from the board. Then the moving player can execute step (2) once or twice.
    • 2) Move any friendly stone he wants (this step is optional)
      • The player cannot undo the move made by the stone of step (1).
    • 3) Selects an enemy stone to be moved by the enemy.
    • Before the game starts, the second player selects an enemy stone to start the first game turn. 
    • Stones can move to orthogonal adjacent empty cells.
      • Stones cannot move into b3. 
  • GOAL - White wins by moving a stone to b4. Black wins by moving a stone to b2.
    • A player without stones also loses.
An example

White's turn. Black selected white stone at a2. Then, White moves a2-a1, b2-a2 and selects black stone a3. Since Black cannot move that stone, it will be removed. Now, Black can make one or two moves with his remaining stones.

I wish to thank Lada Urbanova for this game information.