Copyright (c) ?? Sid Sackson

This game is played on an empty NxN square board (let's say 5x5):

FIRST MOVE - One player places a straight orthogonal or diagonal line of two or more stones. The stones are black, except the two edges which are white. The second player decides who plays next. After that, turns alternate.
TURNS - At each turn, each player must extend one of the white stones, dropping a line of black stones on empty cells on any direction of any available size (it stops if it reach an edge of another stone). He then swaps the last black stone with the white stone that was extended (so the white stones are always on the edge for future extensions).
GOAL - The White player loses if he cannot move..
An example

One player placed the following line of stones.

Then the second player decided that he continues, and extended the white stone at e5 to the left.