Copyright (c) 1988 Marv Nelson

This game is played on the following board composed of hexagonal and triangle cells:

There are 5 Hexads and 10 Triads for each player (and placed as shown in the picture).

  • TURNS - On each turn, each player must move one friendly stone.
    • Triads move to any forward triangle cell which may be empty or occupied by an enemy Triad. They cannot move backwards.
    • Hexads move to any hexagon which may be empty or occupied by an enemy Hexad and if the two triangle cells that separate them are both empty.
    • Captures are by replacement. Triads captures are mandatory but Hexads captures are not.
  • GOAL - Wins the player that captures all the enemy Hexads or make them unable to move.

There is another victory criteria that uses the number of Triads left, possibly when there is a position where neither player is able to perform any of the stated goals, but the rules only mention it without saying what is that criteria.

An example

Black's turn. He moves its bottom Triad to cell 1. Black threatens to block the last White Hexad, and the only route of escape is a hex cell where it would be captured by the Black Hexad.

White may move his middle Triad to the south, but Black may also move another Triad to cell 2. Then the white Triad would capture it, and Black would move north the first moved Triad. White would move the Hexad to the east and would lose the game in the next turn.

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