Copyright (c) 2002 Chris

The game is played on the following board with this setup:
TURN  - On each turn, each play must do two things:
First, he must move a group of connected (orthogonal and diagonal) stones of the same type, into one of the eight orthogonal or diagonal directions. When a group moves, all pieces in that group move one cell in the same chosen direction. Every stone must move into an empty cell; otherwise, the group cannot move in that direction.
Second, the player must add a stone on an empty cell, adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) to at least one stone on the moved group.
GOAL - Looses the player with no valid turn.

An example

It's Black's turn. For e.g., he can move the King's group in the northwest direction (to cells e4 and e5) and then grow another King into cell f4.

This game is easily scalable, so each player can have more different stones types (better with a bigger board). Another possible variant would be to start with two or more groups of the same type of stone. When two groups of the same type were connected they would merge into one group (and be much more difficult to move after the merge).