Copyright (c) 2001 Chris Huntoon

Gorgon is played on a 8x8 board, with the following setup:.

MOVE - A stone (a Gorgon) moves diagonally forward, sliding to an adjacent empty square. 
A Gorgon may petrify an opponent's piece by jumping over it to an empty cell on the other side. A petrified piece is unable to move and blocks the space it occupies for the remainder of the game. Jumps may be in any of the five non retreating directions: vertically, diagonally forward, and sideways. Multiple jumps are possible. 
TOPOLOGY - The first and last row of the board are considered to be connected. A stone leaving one edge will be re-entered at the appropriate space on the other edge.
GOAL - The first player that cannot move, looses.

An example

Black's turn. He should move d8 to cell [1] in order to protect one of the last possible attacks of White. After that, White does not valid moves to avoid defeat.

There is a ZRF to play Gorgon with Zillions.