Copyright (c) 1986 Christiane Frankenstein

Goju is played on the following board and setup:

  • TURN - At each turn, each player must move one friendly stone.
    • A stone may slide over a horizontal or vertical line of empty cells.
    • A stone may also move to an adjacent empty cell over a diagonal line (so, no diagonal sliding).
    • Restrictions:
      • No jumps allowed (either over friend or enemy stones).
      • A stone may not end its movement between two enemy stones if the three stones are in the same line.
      • The only valid movements are those over the board lines.
    • Stones capture by custodian, i.e., if after the stone movement, an enemy stone is between two friendly stones is captured.
  • GOAL - Wins the player that (a) occupies the four corners of the central square, or (b) captures at least 11 enemy stones. 

An example

If the marked white stone slides to the green dot, it will capture the black stone.

If it was Black's turn, he could not move that same black stone to the left because of the restriction that forbids a stone moving between two enemy stones at the same line.

Two variants from the original rules: (i) a stone may move between two enemy stones, if that movement results on a capture of at least one of those stones, (ii) custodian capture of a line of one or more connected stones.

I wish to thank Bernard Wack for sending me information about this game.