Copyright (c) 2009 Martin Windischer

The game is played on an 8x8x8 board, with following setup:

  • GROUP: One or more adjacent friendly stones (like in Go).
  • TURN: The swap rule applies (the first player makes a move, the other player is then allowed to swap colors).
    • On his turn, the player drops a friendly stone on an empty cell.
  • GOAL: When the game is finished, all groups not containing an edge stone (stones from the setup) are removed. The player who now has less groups wins.

Author's note: As many connection games this game cannot end in a draw. For tournaments I suggest a 10*10*10 board

Previous history: The original rules had a passing option (and two consecutive passes would end the game). But that would allow the possibility of ties (as in the trivial case of two initial passing moves). The idea of the author was to allow shorter games once the match result was obvious, but since all board games have, implicitly, a resignation meta-rule, a pass rule without any other concern is irrelevant. After this note, the author decided to remove the pass rule.