Copyright (c) 2000 Tim Schutz

This game is played on a 8x8 square board with the following setup:

SPECIAL CELLS - The initial four cells where each player starts are called the Orb-Generator. The cell is the corner is also called the Orb-generator core.
ORBS - An Orb move by jumping over an adjacent (orthogonal and diagonal) piece (of either color) landing on the next cell after it. 
If this cell is:
Empty - the Orb just moves there. Moves may be multiple.
Occupied by an opponent Orb - it captures that Orb
Occupied by a friendly Orb - they are replaced by a Spheroid.
All other cases are not valid.
SPHEROIDS - A Spheroid can move like an Orb, or to any adjacent (orthogonal and diagonal) empty cell.
Spheroids, when jumping, can capture any enemy piece (Orbs or Spheroids).
TURN - On each turn, each player, moves one of his pieces and then place (if there are still stones available) a new Orb on any empty Orb-generator cell.
There are a total of 24 stones (Orbs are 1 stone, Spheroids are 2)
GOAL - A player wins by moving a piece to the opponent's core.
An example

Black's turn. The Spheroid at c4 can jump to cell [1] and then to cell[2]. Green cannot avoid the black spheroid to reach the green core (the green dot).