Copyright (c) 2000 Gregory K. Van Patten

This game is played on a 8x8 square Toroidal board with the following setup:

Notice that on a Toroidal board, the top row is connected to the bottom row, and the left column with the right column. The empty set of cells are opposite to each other on this board.

TURN - On each turn, each the player can pass its turn, or make two things: capture and transform.
Capture - he jumps one of his soldiers orthogonally over an enemy piece (soldier of King), capturing it.
Capture is not mandatory.
The soldier that moved can continue to capture, if other captures are available.
Kings do not capture but can be captured.
Transform - After the captures, the player changes each captured King for two soldiers (usually, a King is a two soldier stack). For each captured soldier, he transforms one enemy soldier on board by one enemy King (usually placing one enemy soldier over another enemy soldier on board).
GOAL - A player looses if he cannot capture.
An example

Red's turn. He can move his b1 soldier and jump over cell [1] and cell [2], capturing one soldier and one King. That is equal to a total of 3 soldiers (1 King = 2 soldiers), that must be placed over 3 black soldier on board. Usually is good to place them over soldiers that be make multiple captures.