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This game is played on an empty 4x4 square board. Each player has, off board, 8 base stones, 4 soldiers of his color and 4 soldiers of the opponents color.

MOVE - On each turn, each player must do one of the following actions:
Drop a base stone into an empty cell.
Replace a base stone with a soldier (of either color).
GOAL - Wins the player that makes an (orthogonal or diagonal) 4 in-a-row or makes four 3 in-a-rows of his color.
If all stones are dropped and no goal was achieved, there is a next match where the actual points are maintained and added.
An example

In the diagram, the base stone is white. Neither player wants to drop a base stone at cell [1]. It would mean a loss for Red, and one lost opportunity for Blue. If Blue is the last player to move (i.e., is the second player) and is able to keep the game until then, he will win.

Check Winkers, a game based on the same concept.